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Holst, Gustav: Hymn of Jesus, The. Rental

Full score and instrumental material
(Vocal scores are available for sale (D16))

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Duration: 20 minutes

Full Orchestra Version (Re. HL99)
For SSA semi-chorus and two SATB choirs, with three flutes (second flute doubling piccolo), two oboes, cor anglais, two clarinets, two bassoons, four horns, two trumpets, three trombones, timpani, percussion (one player), piano, celeste, organ and strings.

Strings & Piano Version (Re. HL99a)
Version for SSA semi-chorus and two SATB choirs, with piano and strings.

Holst’s guidelines for performance instrumentation options:

The two choruses should be of fairly equal strength, and, if possible, should be well seperated. The semi-chorus should be placed above them and well apart. If too far from the orchestra, it can be supported by a soft harmonium.

The following instruments may be dispensed with: 3rd flute, 2nd oboe, 2nd bassoon, 3rd & 4th horns, all 3 trombones, percussion, celesta and organ.

With performances by small choirs it may be found preferable to omit the trombones. In any case, either all three should be used or none.

When there is no celesta, the part may be played on the piano, by using two pianists, excepting in one place in the Prelude where it must be omitted.

When an orchestra is not available, the piano accompaniment will be greatly improved by the addition of the seperate ad lib. string parts. (These are quite different from the orchestral string parts and must not be confused with the latter.) The organ is to be used whenever possible.

The Hymn of Jesus has always been one of Holst’s most widely performed works. It was premiered in London in 1920 and was an outstanding success. After hearing it for the first time, Ralph Vaughan Williams, to whom the work is dedicated, said that he just ‘wanted to embrace everyone and then get drunk’.

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