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Hayes, Morgan: Buoy. Rental

Full score and instrumental material

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Commissioned by the Brighton Festival for the Composers Ensemble
1st perf: Composers Ensemble, Church of St Nicholas, Brighton, 15 May 1999

Duration: 6 minutes
For flute/piccolo/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, viola and cello

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Programme Note

Although the five-minute span of Buoy proceeds for the most part reflectively, it is not without a number of jarring episodes, the most prominent of these being the intrusions of a somewhat unhinged piccolo melody.  As if weary of confrontation, the piece eventually sinks into a murky, microtonally inflected viola solo.  The title refers by analogy to the role of an unchanging, repeated pitch that acts, throughout the work, as a fixed point of reference for the changing counterpoints around it.
© 1999 Morgan Hayes


Buoy by Morgan Hayes (whose Viscid for 15 players had already caught my attention) is intensely dramatic, a work of gestural, almost tactile images which ends in a strangely beautiful microtonal limbo.
Steve Lomas,, January 2002

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