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Scholey, Arthur & Swann, Donald: Brendan Ahoy! Rental

Libretto by Arthur Scholey
Orchestration by Roger Cleverdon
Vocal scores are available for sale (AC124). Can be performed
with piano only.


Duration: c.45 minutes
For children’s or adult choir, clarinet in A/B flat, horn, two trumpets, timpani, percussion (kit, wind machine, tam-tam), vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, violin, viola, cello and double bass

Please contact the Hire Library for further details.

Brendan set sail with a boatload of monks and discovered America … or so the story goes. But in the imaginations of Donald Swann and Arthur Scholey, it becomes the starting point for all kinds of rare adventures. The music is suitable for children and /or adults. It uses the bass clef sparingly and can be arranged for practically any combination of choral forces. There is also a strong dramatic element, with possibilities for costumes, visual presentation and staging. Suitable for local youth groups, amateur choirs or an entire school.
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