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Arakelyan, Kristina: Six Brass Cats

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Cover illustrations by Rosie Brooks

Mollie, Coco, Colonel Whiskers, Sylvester, Oscar and Luna are six kool characters who enjoy playing solos on B flat brass instruments. Award-winning composer Kristina Arakelyan has written down their favourite tunes and added catchy accompaniments to create Six Brass Cats, to share with young brass players on the trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn. Whether grooving with Oscar, snoozing with Sleepy Sylvester, dancing with Luna or marching with Colonel Whiskers there is much feline fun to be had, with technical stuff wrapped up in the music to keep teachers purring too. The music ranges from beginner to intermediate grade, with styles to showcase every taste, so why not pick up your instrument now, and dazzle like the cat’s pyjamas.


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  1. Old Mollie
  2. Coco the Kitten
  3. Colonel Whiskers
  4. Sleepy Sylvester
  5. Oscar’s Kool
  6. Luna’s Waltz
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