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Top Banana: Piano part to accompany cello


Twenty performance pieces with attitude for young string players, in compatible keys for individual, group or mixed-ensemble playing.

Top Banana is a collection of 20 performance pieces for young string players (Grades 1–2+), for solo or group playing, composed by Celia Cobb and Naomi Yandell. Drawing on a wide range of moods and styles, the pieces are intended to inspire communicative and committed performances in any concert or exam situation. Each piece aims to capture the musical imagination and to motivate the young player to practise, play and perform.

From the teacher’s perspective the pieces include clear teaching points, and incorporate a range of techniques, such as harmonics, glissandi and left-hand pizzicato, intended to encourage the student to develop good technical habits for the future, while having a considerable amount of fun along the way.

The keys throughout are compatible, meaning that friends learning violin, viola or cello can enjoy playing the pieces together.

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