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Morgan, R. Orlando: Legend for Trumpet & Piano


Standard: Intermediate
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There is a dearth of short, romantic trumpet pieces of intermediate grade that challenge and inspire players who already feel secure both in their technique and powers of interpretation. The reissue of Legend by R. Orlando Morgan (1865–1956) will therefore be greatly welcomed, as music enriched by the passionate harmonies of Tchaikovsky and even of Wagner, in an idiom that is graceful and sure. Though largely forgotten, the composer was one of many whose artful command of classical styles earned them respect in their lifetimes, neglect thereafter on account of changing fashions and now, with yet another swing of the pendulum of taste, the chance for re-evaluation today.

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For those not familiar with R. Orlando Morgan, he was a respected teacher of piano and composition at the Guildhall for many years, with Myra Hess and Noel Coward numbered among his pupils.

Legend is an archived work brought back to life by Stainer & Bell, and is well worthy of study for players of Grades 5-6 standard. It is a Romantic piece in miniature, carrying Brahmsian overtones, and its main motif brings for the the spirit of Beethoven. Whatever the influences, it conveys warmth of melody with strong harmonic accompaniment evoking a piece that would have held sway in an Edwardian parlour setting but still holds relevance in today’s concert halls.

Kevin Street, Music Teacher Magazine

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