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Kelly, Bryan: Diversions for Double Bass and Piano


Standard: Intermediate
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1 Elegy; 2 Invention; 3 Polonaise; 4 Raggle Taggle Variants; 5 Sarabande; 6 Burlesque.

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Written for Rodney Slatford, Bryan Kelly’s Diversions reflect both the composer’s admiration for the dedicatee, and his insights into the lively character of the instrument – perhaps even more than the viola the ‘Cinderella’ of the orchestra, and yet capable of great charm and richness of expression. The winning Raggle Taggle Variants at the heart of the collection brilliantly display several sides of the instrument’s character, while an Elegy, an Invention, a Polonaise and a Burlesque showcase its solemnity, its seriousness, its lyric eloquence and its humour. Warmly recommended to young players of around Grade 5 standard.

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