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Lloyd Webber, William: Northington Farm


Rustic Rondino for Bassoon and Piano
Standard: Intermediate
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The ‘rustic rondino’ Northington Farm is a charming duet for bassoon and piano, one of a number of impressions for woodwind instruments composed by William Lloyd Webber as mementos of family holidays.

Brief yet perfectly formed, this miniature rondo takes a burbling tune for a stroll via three delightful interludes where the composer’s skill at musical illustration is demonstrated in deft harmonic side-slips and an accompaniment that adds to the picture of some amiable country resident of farmyard stable or sty.

Of intermediate grade, the bassoon part lies comfortably within the tenor clef, though concluding with a fruity low B flat! The piano contributes to the meander with an elegant wit entirely characteristic of the composer, whose style embraced both passionate romanticism and gentle humour with equal sincerity.

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