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Ogden, Nigel: An Art-Deco Three Piece Suite


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Reflecting his admiration for the age of flying boats and Bakelite radios, the ‘Art-Deco Suite’ is an affectionate study in nostalgia – a trio of images from the 1920s and 30s set in music of timeless elegance.

The first piece ‘Ritzy’, speaks for itself: classy, carefree and full of elite syncopations. ‘Acacia Avenue’, in contrast, is a miniature tone poem, its languidly flowing melody conjuring up visions of neat suburban ‘semis’ and impeccably tended gardens. The unstoppable finale, ‘To Clarice’, pays homage to the popular Clarice Cliff ceramics of the period, superbly decorated in black, orange and lime, and now as much a collector’s item as this composition has proved to be amongst lovers of stylish organ music.

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