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Weelkes, Thomas: Madrigals to Three, Four, Five and Six Voyces (1597)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

A country pair (SST)
Ay me, my wonted joys (SSSA (or T))
Cease sorrows now (SAT)
Clear wells spring not (SST)
If beauty be a treasure (SSAT (or A) T (or A) B)
If thy deceitful looks (SSAT (or B) B)
In black mourn I (SST)
Lady, your spotless feature (SSTTB)
Lo country sports (SSAA (or T))
Make haste ye lovers (SSATB)
My flocks feed (SST (or A))
My Phyllis bids me pack away (SSAT (or A) TB)
My tears do not avail me (SSAA (or T) TB)
Now ev’ry tree renews (SAT (or A) B)
Our country swains (SSAA (or T))
Retire my thoughts (SSAATB)
Say dear, when will your frowning (SSATTB)
Sit down and sing (SST)
Those spots upon my Lady’s face (SSS (or A) AA (or T) B( or T))
Those sweet delightful lilies (SSAAB)
Three virgin Nymphs (SSSB)
What haste fair Lady (SSATB)
Young Cupid hath proclaim’d (SATB)
Your beauty it allureth (SSATB)

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