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Farmer, John: Madrigals for Four Voices (1599)


Well-known in his day as one of the most important contributors to East’s Whole Book of Psalms (1592), Farmer was in the service of the Earl of Oxford who, more than any other nobleman, established the professional Elizabethan theatre. In the year that Burbidge opened the Globe Theatre, these 18 madrigals (the most famous is probably Fair Phyllis) gave the composer an attractive place in the history of English music.

Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Davitt Moroney
Note: Print on demand. Spiral-bound A4

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A little pretty bonny lass (SATB)
Cease now thy mourning (SAT(or A) B (or T))
Compare me to the child (SAT(or A) B)
Fair nymphs, I heard one telling (SSAT(or A) TB)
Fair Phyliss, I saw (SATB)
I thought, my love (SATB)
Now each creature joys the other (SATB)
O stay sweet love (SATB)
Soon as the hungry lion (SATB)
Sweet friend, thy absence (SAT(or A) B)
Sweet Lord, your flame still burning (SATB)
Take time while time doth last (SATB)
The flattering words (SATB)
Who would have thought that face? (SAAT)
You blessed bowers (SSATTTBB)
You’ll never leave still tossing (SATB)
You pretty flowers that smile (SAT(or A) B

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