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Wilbye, John: Second Set of Madrigals (1609)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart
Note: Print on demand. Spiral-bound A4

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A silly Sylvan (SSAAT)
Ah cannot sighs, nor tears? (SSAAA (or T) B)
Ah, cruel Amarillis (SST (or A))
All pleasure is of this condition (SSAT (or A) B)
As fair as mourn (SAA (or T))
As matches beauty (S (or A) S (or A) TB)
Change me, O heav’ns (SSA (or T) B (or T))
Come shepherd swains (SSA (or T))
Despite thus unto myself (SSA (or T) A (or T) T (or B) B)
Down in a valley (SSATB)
Draw on sweet night (SSAA (or T) TB)
Flourish ye hillocks (SST)
Fly not so swift, my dear (SA (or S) A (or T) B (or T))
Happy streams whose trembling fall (SST (or A) T)
Happy, oh happy he (SA (or S) A (or T) B)
Hard destinies are love and beauty (SSATB)
I live, and yet me thinks (S(or A) S(or A) T)
I love, alas, yet am not loved (SSA (or T) B)
Long have I made these hills (SSAATB)
Love not me for comely grace (SAA (or T) T)
O what shall I do? (SST (or A))
O wretched man (SSAT (or A) T (or B) B)
Oft have I vowed (SSATB)
So light is love (SSA (or T))
Softly, O softly, drop my eyes (SSAATB)
Stay, Corydon, thou swain (SSATTB)
Sweet honey sucking bees (SSAAB)
There is a jewel (Risposta) (SST)
There where I saw (SSATB)
Weep, weep mine eyes (SSA (or T) TB)
When Cloris heard of her Amyntas (S (or A) S (or A) A (or T) T)
Where most my thoughts (SSA (or T) A (or T) T (or B) B)
Ye that do live in pleasures (SSAA (or T) B)
Yet, sweet take heed (SSAAB)

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