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Croce, Giovanni: Musica Sacra (1608)


Croce’s madrigal style may be compared to that of Thomas Morley, and the Musica Sacra settings of the seven penitential psalms, set for six voices and published by Thomas East, were hugely popular in England. They were spoken of admiringly not only by Morley himself, but also by John Dowland and Henry Peacham.

Edited by John Morehen

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Blessed are they whose faults so oft forbidden (Psalm 32) (SATTTB)
From profound centre of my heart (Psalm 130) (SSATTB)
Lord, in thine anger do no more reprove me (Psalm 38) (SSATTB)
Lord, in thy wrath reprove me not severely (Psalm 6) (SATTTB)
Hearken, Lord, unto mine humble plainings (Psalm 102) (SATTTB)
Listen, O Lord, unto my prostrate prayer (Psalm 143) (SSATTB)
Shew mercy, Lord, on me (Psalm 51) (SSATTB)

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