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Amner, John: Sacred Hymnes of Three, Four, Five and Six Parts (1615)

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Edited John Morehen

Although the verbal text, vocal scoring and general musical style of a handful of the Sacred Hymnes suggest liturgical intention, the overwhelming majority of the 26 pieces in this volume are wholly representative of the wide range of secular styles which typify most Elizabethan and Jacobean madrigalian collections.

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

A stranger here (Six-part)
An Elegy in Memory of Master Thomas Hynson (Six-part)
And they cry (Part 3 of O ye little flock) (Six-part and viols)
At length to Christ (Part 2 of Saint Mary now) (Four-part)
Away with weak complainings (Three-part)
But he the God of love (Part 3 of Saint Mary now) (Four-part)
Come let’s rejoice (Four-part)
Distressed soul (Three-part)
Fear not (Part 2 of O ye little flock) (Six-part and viols)
He that descended man to be (Five-part)
I bring you tiding (Part 2 of Lo, how from heaven) (Six-part and viols)
I will sing unto the Lord (Five-part)
Let false surmises perish (Three-part)
Lo, how from heaven (Six-part and viols)
Love we in one consenting (Three-part)
My Lord is hence removed and laid (Six-part and viols)
Now doth the city remain solitary (Five-part)
O come thou spirit divinest (Three-part)
O love beseeming well (Three-part)
O ye little flock (Six-part and viols)
Remember not, Lord, our offences (Five-part)
Saint Mary now (Four-part)
Sweet are the thoughts (Four-part)
The heavens stood all amazed (Part 2 of Thus sings that heavenly quire) (Five-part)
Thus sings that heavenly quire (Five-part)
Woe is me (Four-part)

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