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Morley, Thomas: First Book of Balletts to Five Voices (1595/1600)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…


About the maypole (SATTB)
Dainty fine sweet nymph (SSATB)
Fire, fire my heart (SST (or A) TB)
I love, alas, I love thee (SAABB)
I saw my lovely Phillis (SSATB)
Lady those cherries plenty (ST (or A) TTB)
Leave alas this tormenting (SSATB)
Lo she flies (SSATB)
My bonny lass she smileth (Questo dulce sirena) (SAATB)
My lovely wanton jewel (SSATB)
No no Nigella (SSATB)
Now is the month of Maying (SATTB)
Phillis I fain would die now (Dialogue SSAATTB)
Shoot false love I care not (SSATB)
Sing we and chant it (A lieta vita) (SSATB)
Singing alone (SAATB)
Those dainty daffadillies (SAT (or A) BB)
Thus saith my Galatea (SSATB)
What saith my dainty darling? (SSAA (or T) B)
Why weeps alas (SATTB)
You that want to my pipes sound (SSATB)

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