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Kirbye, George: Madrigals from Manuscript Sources


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A wise man poor (SAATB)
As sudden death (SSAATB)
But when himself (SSATB)
Farewell, false love (SSAB (or T))
From the Tarpeian Rock (SSATB)
Mourn now, my Muse (SSAATB)
My lady wept (SSATB)
My mistress is a paragon (SAATB)
O help, alas (SSAATB)
O Jesu, look (SSATB)
O shall I die (SSAATB)
O When my love (SSAATB)
See, what is life (SAATB)
Sleep aye, fond Hope (SSATB)
That man that climbeth (SAATB)
The ivy green (SSATB)
The tyrant Love (SAATB)
Unkind, alas (SSAATB)
Use thyme whose tender plant (SAATB)

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