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Nicolson, Richard: Collected Madrigals (c. 1600)


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And hath God grace in her pastance (incomplete) (S)
And so an end (SS (or A) ATB)
Come, infirmity, this is thy triumph day (SSATB)
Farewell the joys which erst I have conceived (SS (or A) ATB)
Joan, quoth John (Madrigal cycle) (SAB)
Joan, quoth John (parts 2 and 3) (SAB)
Muse not, fair love (SSATB)
Sing, shepherds all (SSATB)
Sweet needle, spare my Flora’s hands (SSATB)
Thou marvaill’st much (SSATB)
What sudden change hath charmed me (SSATB)

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