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Madrigals by Michael Cavendish, Thomas Greaves, William Holborne and Richard Edwards


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart and Philip Brett

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Come, gentle swains (SSATB)
Every bush new springing (SSATB)
Faustina hath the fairer face (SSATB)
In flower of April springing (SSATB)
Much it delighted (SAA (or T) TB)
To former joy (SSATB)
Wandering in this place (SATTB)
Zephyrus brings the time (SSATB)

EDWARDS, Richard
In going to my naked bed (SATB)

Come away, sweet love (SSATB)
England, receive the rightful King (SSATB)
Lady, the melting crystal (SSATB)
Let dread of pain (SSATB)
Long have the shepherds (SSATB)
Man first created was (SSATB)
O that a drop (SSATB)
So hate of sin (SSATB)
Sweet nymphs, that trip along (SSATB)
When I behold (SSATB)
Who keeps in compass his desires (TrSATB)
Woe where such hate (SSATB)

Change then, for lo she changeth (SST (or A))
Gush forth, my tears (SST (or A))
Here rest, my thoughts (SSA)
Since Bonny-boots was dead (SSA)
Sit still and stir not (SSA)
Sweet, I grant (SSA)

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