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Mundy, John: Songs and Psalms (1594)


Organist of St George’s, Windsor, and successor to the famous Marbecke, Mundy was amongst the earliest of the English madrigalists. There are 12 madrigals in this collection, ranging from Of all the birds, a tribute to William Byrd, to In deep distress and the tragic setting of words written by Chideock Tichborne on the eve of his execution in the Tower of London, My prime of youth. The volume also contains 25 psalms in three, four, and five parts.

Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart and Philip Brett

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

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As I went walking (SAT)
Blessed art thou (SAT)
Have mercy on me, O Lord (SSATB)
Hear my prayer, O Lord (STB)
Heigh Ho! ‘chill go to plough (SSAB)
I lift my heart to thee (SSAT)
In deep distress (SATB)
In midst of woods (SSATB)
Lightly she whipped o’er the dales (SSATB)
Lord arise and help thy servant (SSATB)
Lord to thee I make my moan (SATB)
My prime of youth (SATB)
O all ye nations (S (or A) AT)
O come let us lift up our voice (SAT)
O Lord of whom I do depend (SSAT)
O Lord turn not away thy face (SAT)
Of all the birds (SAT)
Penelope that longed (SSATB)
Praise the Lord, O my soul (SAT)
Save me, O God (SAT)
Sing ye unto the Lord (SSAT)
The black-bird made (SSATB)
The longer that I live (SSAT)
The Shepherd Stephon (S solo, A. viol, T. viol, B. viol)
Thus art thou bless’d (SAT)
Turn about and see me (SA (or T) T)
Unto thee lift I up mine eyes (SSATB)
Were I a king (SATBB)
Who loves a life (SSATB)
Witness ye heav’ns (S solo, A. viol, T. viol, B. viol)
Ye people all in one accord (SAB)

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