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Jones, Robert: First Set of Madrigals (1607)


Jones was a famous lutenist and one of the musicians responsible for training the ‘children of St Paul’s’, who acted and sang in Elizabethan and Jacobean court plays. His 16 madrigals are mostly to texts about birds – birds merry, sweet, shrill, crowing or melancholic.

Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

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Are lovers full of fire? (SSAATBB)
But let her look in mine (SST)
Cock-a-doodle-doo (SS (or A) A (or T) B)
Come, doleful owl (SSTTB)
Fair Oriana seeming to wink (SSAATB)
I come, sweet birds (SS (or A) A (or T) B)
Love, if a god thou art (SST)
O I do love (SST (or A))
She only is the pride (SSA)
Shrill-sounding bird (SST (or A) B)
Sing, merry birds (SS (or A) A (or T) B)
Sweet, when thou singest (SSATB)
The more I burn (SSAATTBB)
Thine eyes so bright (SSA)
When I behold her eyes (SST)
Your presence breeds (SSAATB)

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