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Vautor, Thomas: Songs of Divers Airs and Natures (1619)


Chiefly remembered in performance nowadays for his beautiful Sweet Suffolk Owl, Vautor represented the conventional, anonymous polyphony of the successors to Gibbons and Weelkes – but there are still trouvailles in these 22 pieces.

Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Ah, sweet, whose beauty (SSATB)
And yet, O dream (SSA (or T) TB)
Blush, my rude present (SSATTB)
Come forth, sweet nymph (SSAT (or A) B)
Cruel Madame (SSATB)
Dainty sweet bird (SSATTB)
Fairest are the words (SSATB)
Lock up, fair lids (SSATB)
Melpomene, bewail (SS and instruments)
Mira cano, sol occubuit (SSATB)
Mother I will have a husband (SSATB)
Never did any more delight (SSATB)
O merry world (SSAT (or A) B)
Shepherds and nymphs (SSATTB)
Sing on, sister, and well met (SSATB)
Sweet Suffolk owl (SSAT (or A) B)
Sweet thief (SSATB)
Thou are not fair (SSAT (or A) B)
Unkind, is this the meed? (SSATTB)
Weep, weep, mine eyes (SS and instruments)
Whilst fatal sisters (SSATTB)
Yet love me not (SSAT (or A) B)

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