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Alison, Richard: An Hour’s Recreation in Musicke (1606)

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Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

This interesting collection looks back to the ‘Winter’ of Byrd and Mundy in the conservative settings of such verse as My prime of youth (see EM35B); but it is also a contemporary record, with two madrigals celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot against James I.

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Behold now praise the Lord (S (or A) S (or A) TBB)
But yet it seems (SSAB)
Can I abide this prancing? (SSATB)
Earth’s but a point (SSATB)
For Lust is frail (SSATB)
He only can behold (SSAB)
Her eyes like angels (SSATB)
I can no more but hope (SSAB)
In hope a King (SSAB)
My prime of youth (SSAB)
O heavy heart (SSAB)
O Lord bow down thine ear (SATTB)
Rest with yourselves (SSATB)
Shall I abide this jesting (SSATB)
The man upright of life (SSAB)
The sacred choir of angels (SATBB)
The Spring is past (SSAB)
The stately stag (SSATB)
The sturdy rock (SSATB)
There is a garden in her face (SSATB)
Those cherries fairly do enclose (SSATB)
Though Wit bids Will (SSAB)
What if a day (SSATB)
Who loves this life (SSAB)

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