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collected Thomas Morley (1601). The Triumphs of Oriana


Containing 25 madrigals by leading composers of the period, this famous collection was intended to honour England’s Oriana, Elizabeth I.

Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart
Note: Print on demand. Spiral-bound A4

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

BENNETT, John All creatures now (SSATB)
CARLTON, Richard Calm was the air (SSAT(orA)B)
CAVENDISH, Michael Come, gentle swains (SSATB)
COBBOLD, William With wreaths of rose and laurel (SSATB)
EAST, Michael Hence stars! too dim of light (SST(orA)B(orT)B)
FARMER, John Fair nymphs I heard one telling (SSAA(orT)B(orT)B)
GIBBONS, Ellis Long live fair Oriana (Hark did you ever hear?) (SSATB)
Round about her charret (SSATTB)
HILTON, John (Snr) Fair Oriana, beauty’s queen (SSATB)
HOLMES, John Thus Bonny-boots the birthday (SSATB)
HUNT, Thomas Hark! did ye ever hear? (SSA(orS)ATB)
JOHNSON, Edward Come, blessed bird (SSAA(orT)T(orB)B)
JONES, Robert Fair Oriana seeming to wink (SSAATB)
KIRBYE, George Bright Phoebus greets (SSATTB)
With angel’s face (SSATTB)
LISLEY, John Fair Cytherea presents her doves (SSATTB)
MARSON, George Nymphs and shepherds danced (SSA(orT)TB)
MILTON, John Fair Orian, in the morn (SSA(orS)TTB)
MORLEY, Thomas Arise, awake, awake (SAT(orA)TB)
Hard by a crystal fountain (SSA(orS)T(orA)TB)
MUNDY, John Lightly she whipped o’er the dales (SSATB)
NICOLSON, Richard Sing, shepherds all (SS(orA)ATB)
NORCOME, Daniel With angel’s face (SSTTB)
TOMKINS, Thomas Fauns and Satyrs tripping (SSATB)
WEELKES, Thomas As Vesta was from Latmos (SSATTB)
WILBYE, John Lady Oriana (SSAA(orT)A(orT)

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