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East, Michael: Fourth Set of Books (1618)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart and Philip Brett

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But let all those SSAAT (verse) SSAATB (chorus)
Come shepherd swains (SS (verse) SSATB (chorus))
Dear love, be not unkind (SSAT)
Fair Daphne, gentle shepherdess (SS (verse) SSATB (chorus))
Farewell, sweet woods (SSAT)
Fly away, Care (SSAT (or A) T (or B) B)
God is gone up (SSTTB (verse &chorus))
Haste thee, 0 God (SSAATB (verse & chorus))
I did woo her (SSAA)
I heard three virgins (SSATB)
No haste but good (SSAA (or T) B (or T) B)
O clap your hands (SSTTB (verse and chorus))
O Lord of whom I do depend (SS (verse) SSATB (chorus))
Quick, quick, away, despatch! (SSAA (or T) B (or T) B)
Thyrsis, sleepest thou? (SSAA (or T) B)
To hear men sing (SSATB)
Weep not, dear love (SSATBB)
What heart such doubled force? (SSATB)
When David heard (SSATTB)
When I lament (SSAT)
Whenas I glance (SSAT (or A))
Why are our Summer sports? (SSAT (or A))
You meaner beauties (S (verse), SSATB (chorus))
Your shining eyes (SSAB)
Your shining eyes (SSATBB)

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