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Morley, Thomas: Canzonets to Five and Six Voices (1597)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Sally Dunkley

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Adieu, you kind and cruel (SATTB)
Ay me! the fatal arrow (SAATB)
Cruel, wilt thou persevere? (SATTB)
Damon and Phyllis squared (SATTB)
False love did me inveigle (SATTB)
Fly Love, thou art so sprightly (SSATB)
Good Love, then fly thou to her (SSATTB)
Hark! Alleluia (SAATTB)
I follow, lo, the footing (SSATB)
Ladies, you see time flieth (SSATTB)
Lady, you think you spite me (SSATB)
Lo, where with flowery head (SAATB)
Love took his bow and arrow (SATTB)
Love’s folk in green arraying (SSATB)
My nymph the deer (SATTB)
O grief e’en on the bud (SATTB)
Our bonny boots could toot it (SATTB)
Said I that Amaryllis? (SATTB)
Sovereign of my delight (SSATB)
Stay heart, run not so fast (SSATTB)
You black bright stars (SATTB)

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