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East, Michael: Madrigals to Three, Four and Five Parts (1604)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Alas must I run away? (SST)
All ye that joy in wailing (SSA (or T) TB)
Corydon would kiss her then (SST)
Fair is my love (SSAT (or B) B)
In an evening late (SST)
In the merry month of May (SST)
In vain, my tongue (SSTB)
Joy of my life (SSAB)
Mopsie, leave off to love (SSA (or T) B)
My Hope a counsel with my Love (SSTB)
My prime of youth (SSA (or T) TB)
O come again, my lovely jewel (SST)
O do not run away (SST)
O stay, fair cruel (SSTB)
Pity, dear love (SSTB)
Shy thief, if so you will believe (SSATB)
Sweet love, I err (SST (or A) B)
The Spring is past (SST (or A) TB)
To bed, to bed, she calls (SST (or B))
What thing more cruel? (SSATB)
When on my dear I do demand (SSA (or T) B)
Ye restless cares (SSAT (or B)B)
You mournful Gods (SSATB)
Young Cupid hath proclaimed (SST)

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