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Carlton, Richard: Madrigals to Five Voices (1601)


A minor canon of Norwich Cathedral, Carlton belonged also to the older generation of madrigal composers, particularly fond of the ‘Byrd’ or English cadence of flat versus sharp leading-notes. Although he claims to have laboured ‘somewhat to imitate the Italian style’, he admitted in his preface, ‘I cannot forget that I am an English man.’

Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

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All creatures then (SSATB)
Calm was the air (SSAT (or A) B)
Content thyself with thy estate (SAATB)
Even as the flowers do wither (SSATB)
From stately tower (SSATB)
If women can be courteous (SSATB)
Let every sharp (SSATB)
Like as the gentle heart (SSATB)
Nought is on earth (SSATB)
Nought under heaven (SSATB)
O vain desire (SSATB)
Sound saddest notes (SSATB)
So whilom learned (SSATB)
The heathen Gods for love (SA (or T) A (or T) BB)
The love of change (SSATB)
The self-same things (SS (or A) ATB)
The witless boy (SSATB)
When Flora fair (SSATB)
Who seeks to captivate (SAATB)
Who vows devotion (SSATB)
With her sweet locks (SSATB)
Ye gentle ladies (SSATB)

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