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Pilkington, Francis: First Set of Madrigals (1613)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…


All in a cave (SAA (or T) B)
Amyntas with his Phyllis fair (SATB)
Dorus, a silly shepherd (SST)
Have I found her? (SATB)
Here rest, my thoughts (SATB)
I follow, lo, the footing (SST)
Is this thy doom? (SST)
Love is a secret feeding fire (SAA (or T) B)
My heart is dead (SST (or A) TB)
No, no, no it will not be (SSATB)
Now I see thou floutest me (SSATB)
Pour forth, mine eyes (SST)
See where my love (SST)
Sing we, dance we (SSATB)
Stay, nymph, O stay (SST)
Sweet Phillida, my flocks (SSATB)
The messenger of the delightful Spring (SATB)
Under the tops of Helicons (SSATB)
What though her frowns? (SATB)
When Oriana walked (SSATB)
Why do I fret? (SAT (or A) B)
Why should I grieve? (SATB)

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