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Bennet, John: Madrigals for Four Voices (1599)

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Like many other madrigalists, Bennet often chose his texts either from translations of the first Italian pieces to be brought to England in Yonge’s Musica Transalpina, or from those already used by Morley. Two direct comparisons may be made between Morley and Bennet in O sleep, fond fancy (to identical words) and the effect of the former’s Come, lovers, follow me on the latter’s Come, shepherd, follow me.

Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Davitt Moroney

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All creatures now (SSATB)
Come shepherds, follow me (SATT)
Cruel unkind (SSAA)
I languish to complain me (SATB)
I wander up and down (SSAT)
Let go! why do you stay me? (SSAT)
Lure, falconers (SSAT)
O grief! where shall poor grief? (SATB)
O sleep, fond fancy (SATB)
O sweet grief (ATTB)
Rest now, Amphion (ATTB)
Round about in a fair ring (SSAT)
Since neither tunes of joy (SATB)
Sing out, ye nymphs (SSTT)
So gracious is thy sweet self (SSAT)
Thyris, sleepest thou? (SATT)
Weep, O mine eyes (SATB)
Weep, silly soul disdained (SSAA)
When as I glance (SSAT)
Ye restless thoughts (SATB)

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