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Bateson, Thomas: Second Set of Madrigals (1618)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Ah, Cupid, grant (SSATTB)
All the day I waste (SSA(or T)A(or T)B)
Camilla fair tripped o’er the plain (SSA(or T)T(or B)B)
Come, Sorrow, help me to lament (SSATB)
Cupid in a bed of roses (SSATTB)
Cytherea smiling said (SSATTB)
Down the hills Corinna trips (SSATB)
Fond love is blind (SSATTB)
Have I found her? (SST(or A)BB)
Her hair the net of golden wire (SSATTB)
I heard a noise (SSATB)
If floods of tears (S(or T)Solo)
If I seek to enjoy (SST)
In depth of grief (SA(or T)TTB)
Life of my life (SSATB)
Live not, poor bloom (SSA(or T)B)
Love is the fire (SAT)
My mistress after service due (SAT)
O what is she? (SSAB)
One woman scarce of twenty (SST)
Pleasure is a wanton thing (SST)
Sadness, sit down (SSATB)
See forth her eyes (SAA(or T)B(or T))
She with a cruel frown (SSTTBB)
Sweet those trammels of your hair (SAT)
The nightingale in silent night (SSAT)
When to the gloomy woods (SATB)
Why do I, dying, live? (SSA(or T)TB)
Why dost thou fly? (SSA(or T)T(or A)B)
With bitter sighs (SS(or A)A(or T)TB)

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