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Bateson, Thomas: First Set of Madrigals (1604)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Adieu, sweet love (SSA(or T)B)
Alas, where is my love? (SSA(or T)TB)
And must I needs depart? (SSATB)
Ay me, my mistress scorns (SST)
Beauty is a lovely sweet (SAT)
Come, follow me, fair nymphs (SAT)
Dame Venus hence to Paphos go (SSAT)
Dear if you wish my dying (SSATTB)
Down from above falls Jove (SATB)
Fair Hebe, when dame Flora (SST(or A)T(or A)TB)
Hark, hear you not? – Oriana’s farewell (SSATB)
If love be blind (SATB)
Love would discharge (SST)
Merrily my love and I (SST(or A)T(or A)B(or T)B)
Music some think no music is (SSATTB)
O fly not, love (SSA(or T)A(or T)T)
Phyllis, farewell (SATB)
Phyllis, farewell (SSA(or T)A(or T)TB)
Sister, awake (SSATB)
Strange were the life (SAATB)
Sweet Gemma (SSATB)
The nightingale so soon as April (SST(orA))
Those sweet delightful lilies (SSATB)
Thyrsis on his fair Phyllis’ breast (SSAA(or T)TB)
When Oriana walked (SSATTB)
Who prostrate lies (SSAT(or A)B)
Wither so fast? (SATB)
Yet stay alway (SSA(or T)TB)
Your shining eyes (SAB)

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