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Morley, Thomas: Madrigals to Four Voices (1594)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…


April is in my mistress’ face (SATB)
Beside a fountain (SSAT)
Clorinda false (SATB)
Come, lovers, follow me (SSAT)
Die now my heart (SATB)
Hark, jolly shepherds (SSAT)
Help, I fall (SAA (or T) B)
Ho who comes here? (SSAA (or T))
I will no more come to thee (SSAT (or B))
In dew of roses (SSAT (or A))
In every place (SATB)
Lady, why grieve you still me? (SSAT)
My heart why hast thou taken? (SSSA (or T))
Now is the gentle season (SATB)
O no, thou dost but flout me (SSAT)
O sweet, alas what say you? (SSAT)
On a fair morning (SAAB)
Round around about a wood (SSAT)
Say, gentle nymphs (SATB)
Since my tears and lamenting (SAA (or T) B)
Sport we my lovely treasure (SSAT)
Still it frieth (SSS (or A) T)
The fields abroad (SATB)
Why sit I here complaining (SSAT)

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