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Lichfild, Henry: First Set of Madrigals of Five Parts (1613)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart and David Scott

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

A seely Sylvan (SSAT (or A) B)
Alas my Daphne, stay (SSAT (or A) B)
All ye that sleep in pleasure (SSATB)
Arise, sweet heart (SSAT (or A) B)
Ay me, that life should yet remain (SSATB)
Ay me, when to the air (SSAT (or A) B)
Cruel, let my heart be bless’d (SSAT (or A) B)
First with looks he liv’d (SSATB)
I always lov’d to call my lady Rose (SSATB)
If this be love, to scorn (SSAT (or A) B)
Injurious hours (SSAT (or A) B)
My heart oppress’d (SSAT (or A) B)
O come Shepherds all together (SSATB)
O my grief, were it disclosed (SSATB)
Shall I seek to ease my grief? (SSATB)
Shepherd Claius seeing (SSATB)
Sweet Daphne, stay thy flying (SSATB)
Sylvan justly suffered (SSATB)
When first I saw those cruel eyes (SSAT (or A) B)
Whilst that my lovely Daphne (SSATB)

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