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Weelkes, Thomas: Airs or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices (1608)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Alas! tarry but one half hour (SST )
As deadly serpents lurking (SA (or S) T )
As Vesta was descending (SSATTB )
Ay me, alas, hey ho (SST )
Come lets begin to revel ’t out (SSA (or T) )
Come sirrah, Jack ho (SSA (or T) )
Death hath deprived me (SS (or A) T (or A) TBB )
Donna il vostro bel viso (SSA (or T) )
Fa la. Now weep and sing (SA (or S) T (or B) )
Four arms, two necks, one wreathing (SSA )
Ha ha! this world doth pass (SST (or A) )
I bei ligustri e rose (SSA )
Jockey thine horn-pipe’s dull (SSA (or T) )
Late in my rash accounting (SSA (or T) )
Lord when I think (SSA (or T) )
No, though I shrink still (SSA )
Say, wanton, will you love me? (SSA (or T) )
Since Robin Hood (SA (or S) T )
Some men desire spouses (SSA )
Strike it up, Tabor (SST )
Tan ta ra cries Mars (SSA (or T) )
The Ape, the Monkey and Baboon (SSA )
The gods have heard my vows (SSA )
The nightingale, the organ of delight (SSA (or T) )
Though my carriage be but careless (SSA )
Tomorrow is the marriage day (SSA (or T) )
Upon a hill the bonny boy (SSA )

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