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Weelkes, Thomas: Balletts and Madrigals to Five Voices (1598/1608)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart

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All at once well met (SSAT (or B) B)
Cease now delight (SST (or A) T (or A) BB)
Come clap thy hands (SSATB)
Farewell my joy (SSATB)
Give me my heart (SSTTB)
Hark all ye lovely Saints (SSAT (or B) B)
I love and have my love (SSA (or T) TB)
In pride of May (SSATB)
Lady, your eye (SSATB)
Now is my Cloris (SSA (or T) TB)
Now is the bridals (SSATB)
On the plains, fairy trains (SSAT (or B) B)
Phyllis go take thy pleasure (SSATB)
Phyllis hath sworn (SSATB)
Say dainty dames (SSATB)
Sing shepherds after me (SSAA (or T))
Sing we at pleasure (SSATB)
Sweet heart arise (SSATB)
Sweet love, I will no more (SSAA (or T) B)
To shorten winter’s sadness (SSAT (or A) B)
Unto our flocks sweet Corolus (SSATB)
We shepherds sing (SSATB)
Welcome sweet pleasure (SSAT (or B) B)
Whilst youthful sports (SSAT (or B) B)

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