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Morley, Thomas: Canzonets to Two and Three Voices (1595/1593)


Edited Edmund Fellowes. Revised Thurston Dart
Note: Print on demand. Spiral-bound A4

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Arise, get up, my dear (SS (or A) T)
Blow, shepherds, blow (SA (or T) T)
Cease, mine eyes (SA (or S) T)
Cruel, you pull away too soon (SSA (or T) or TTB)
Deep lamenting (ST (or A) B)
Do you not know? (SAT (or B))
Farewell, disdainful (SAT)
Fire and lightning from heaven (SS (or TT))
Flora, wilt thou torment me? (SS (or TT))
Go ye, my Canzonets (SS (or TT))
Good morrow, fair ladies of the May (SSA (or T) or ATB)
Hold out, my heart (SST)
I go before, my darling
I should for grief and anguish (S (or A) A (or T) or TB)
In nets of golden wires (ST)
Joy doth so arise (SST)
Lady, if I through grief (S (or A) A (or T) B)
Lady, those eyes (SSA (or T) or TTB)
Leave now, mine eyes (ST)
Lo, here another love (SS (or TT))
Love learns by laughing (SSA (or T) or TTB)
Miraculous love’s wounding (SS (or TT))
Now must I die recureless (SS (or A) T)
O fly not, love (SST)
O sleep, fond fancy (SST (or A))
O thou that art so cruel (S (or A) T)
Say, dear, will you not have me? (SS (or A) A (or T), or TTB)
See, mine own sweet jewel (SSA (or T), or TTB)
Spring-time mantleth every bough (S (or A) A (or T) T (or B))
Sweet nymph, come to thy lover (SS or TT)
This love is but a wanton fit (SSA or TTB)
Though Philomela lost her love (SS (or A) A (or T), or TTB)
Thyris, let pity move thee (SS (or A) A (or T))
What ails my darling? (SSA or TTB)
When, lo, by break of morning (SS or TT)
Where art thou, wanton? (SSA (or T), or TTB)
Whither away so fast? (SSA (or T), or TTB)

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