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Anonymous: Antiphons. Nos. 1 to 8


Edited by Andrew Hughes
Triplex, Counter-Tenor & Tenor
16 pages [PDF Sample]

1. Mater Ora Filium (Anon); 2. Sancta Maria Virgo (Anon); 3. Sancta Maria Virgo (Anon); 4. Ave Regina Coelorum, Ave Domina (Leonel Power); 5. Beata Mater (John Dunstable); 6. Miles Christi (Anon); 7. Regina Coeli Laetare (Anon); 8. Ave Regina Coelorum, Mater Regis (Anon); 8a. Trope to the Preceding Antiphon: Funde Virgo

Taken from the acclaimed Early English Church Music series. The purchase of this Adobe PDF file includes a licence to print ten copies for use by your choir. If you need more than ten copies, simply purchase multiple copies of the file for each additional ten copies required.

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