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Early Tudor Organ Music II

Ref: EC66 ISBN: 9780852499726 ISMN: 9790220228537 Categories: , , , , ,


Edited by John Caldwell
First published in 2024
Pages: 210
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 325 x 250 x 22
Weight: 1.379kg

EECM65 and EECM66 revisit the repertoire of the ground-breaking volumes 6 and 10 in the series, Early Tudor Organ Music, in the light of 60 years of continuing research and deeper understanding of the surviving corpus. Some 109 works are brought together here, in the order in which they appear in each manuscript – British Library Additional MS 29996 accounting for three-quarters of the content, plus 22 works from other sources. There are settings for the Office (antiphons, hymns, the Te Deum and Magnificat) and Mass ordinary and propers (particularly the Offertory).

The format is of the same dimensions as other EECM volumes, although presented in landscape for more practical use. EECM66 contains Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Lenten hymns from Add. MS 29996, and 22 pieces from other sources. Three appendices include intabulated pieces, plainchant melodies, and hymns and faburdens.

In addition to numerous anonymous titles, composers found in these volumes include Avery Burnett, Robert Coxsun, William Kyrton, Thomas Preston, John Redford, Philip ap Rhys, Edmund Strowger, Thomas Tallis, John Thorne, Robert White and Richard Wynslate.

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