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Tomkins, Thomas: Musica Deo Sacra: I


Edited by Bernard Rose
First published in 1968
Pages: 192
Format: A4 spiral-bound

Published posthumously in 1668, probably by the composer’s son Nathaniel, Musica Deo Sacra is a monumental collection of the work of Thomas Tomkins, pupil of William Byrd and a major contributor to the wealth of Anglican music produced in the half-century before the Commonwealth. The first volume contains the 11 verse anthems written for special occasions.

Contents and further titles by Tomkins…

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Almighty God, which hast knit together
Almighty God, who hast given
Almighty God, who hast instructed
Almighty God, whose praise this day
Almighty and everlasting God
Christ rising again from the dead
God, who as at this time
Merciful Lord, We beseech thee
O Lord, grant the King a long life
Stephen being full of the Holy Ghost
Who is this that cometh

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