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Gibbons, Orlando: I – Verse Anthems

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Edited by David Wulstan
First published in 1964
Pages: 232
Format: A4 spiral-bound

The form and style of the verse anthem were anticipated in the work of a number of 16th-century composers. However, it was only in the hands of Orlando Gibbons, one of the earliest musicians to write exclusively for the English rite, that it achieved new flexibility with the use of declamatory style in the verse sections. This first volume of his music contains 16 anthems, including See, see, the Word is incarnate and This is the record of John.

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Almighty God, who by thy son (TrAATB)
Behold, I bring you glad tidings (TrAATB)
Behold, thou hast made my days (TrAATB)
Blessed are all they (TrAATB)
Glorious and powerful God (SAATB)
Grant, O Holy Trinity (TrAATB)
Great Lord of Lords (TrAATB)
If ye be risen again with Christ (TrTrATB)
Lord, grant grace (TrAATB)
O God, the King of glory (TrAATB)
O Thou, the central orb (SSAATBB)
See, see, the Word is incarnate (SAATB)
Sing unto the Lord (TrTrMAATB)
The secret sins (TrAATB)
This is the Record of John (SAATB)
We praise thee, O Father (TrAATB)

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