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Mundy, William: Latin Antiphons and Psalms

Ref: EC2 ISBN: 9780852495308 ISMN: 9790220211669 Categories: , , By:


Edited by Frank Ll. Harrison
First published in 1963
Pages: 232
Format: A4 spiral-bound

Mundy was among the youngest of a group of significant composers whose lives bridged the turbulent times of the Reformation. Though preserved in Elizabethan sources, his Latin antiphons most likely date from the reign of Mary. They are the last examples of a genre cultivated by English composers for two centuries.

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Adhaesit pavimento (Psalm CXVIII vv 25-32)
Adolescentulus sum ego (Psalm CXVIII vv 141-144)
Beati immaculati (Psalm CXVIII vv 1-8)
Domine, non est exaltatum (Psalm CXXX)
Domine, quis habitabit (Psalm XIV)
Eructavit cor meum (Psalm XLIV omitting vv 14-16)
In aeternum (Psalm CXVIII vv 93-4, 96)
Maria virgo sanctissima
Memor esto (Psalm CXVIII vv 49-56)
Noli aemulari (Psalm XXXVI vv 1-9, 26-7 & 39-40)
Vox patris caelestis

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