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Sheppard, John: I – Responsorial Music

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Edited by David Chadd
First published in 1977
Pages: 196
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 12

The music of John Sheppard, who was about ten years younger than Tallis, dates from the uncertain times of the Reformation and the reigns of Edward VI and Mary. Perhaps his most impressive work is to be found in his cantus firmus responds, which reflect the considerable musical importance that some choral foundations attached to Matins and Vespers on special feast-days in the last decades of the Sarum rite.

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Alleluia. Confitemini Domino
Alleluia. Ora pro nobis
Alleluia. Per te, Dei genitrix
Alleluia. Veni, electa mea
Alleluia. Virtutes coeli
Audivi vocem de caelo venientem
Christi virgo dilectissima
Dum transisset Sabbatum (I)
Dum transisset Sabbatum (II)
Filiae Hierusalem, venite
Gaude, gaude, gaude Maria virgo
Haec dies quam fecit Dominus
Hodie nobis caelorum rex
Impetum fecerunt unanimes
In manus tuas, Domine (I)
In manus tuas, Domine (II)
In manus tuas, Domine (III)
In pace, in idipsum dormiam
Justi in perpetuum vivent
Laudem dicite Deo nostro
Non conturbetur cor vestrum (I)
Non conturbetur cor vestrum (II)
Reges Tharsis et insulae
Spiritus Sanctus procedens a throno (I)
Spiritus Sanctus procedens a throno (II)
Verbum caro factum est

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