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Early Tudor Masses: I

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Edited by John D. Bergsagel
First published in 1963
Pages: 150
Format: A4 spiral-bound

The first volume of the series draws on the Forrest-Heyther partbooks, preserved in Oxford’s Bodleian Library. They are the source of a 6-part Festal Mass by Richard Alwood, written to an unknown cantus firmus and most unusually in duple notation throughout, and a Festal Mass, also in 6 parts and using the Advent antiphon Ave Maria as cantus, by Thomas Ashewell.

Alwood: Mass – Praise him praiseworthy (TrMCCTB)
Ashewell: Mass – Ave Maria (TrMCCTB)

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

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