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Henry VIII: Thirty-five Compositions


The complete secular works of King Henry VIII consisting of partsongs and instrumental consorts.

The early Tudor songbook is the chief surviving monument of secular music at the court. The original, housed in the British Museum, is a beautifully, though not sumptuously, produced vellum manuscript measuring twelve inches by eight and a quarter. The songbook has been entitled for convenience Henry VIII’s Book. This handy label will not, it is hoped, be used to perpetuate the legend that the songbook belonged to the king himself. It is intended chiefly to acknowledge the fact that it contains many of the king’s own compositions. The book is indisputably a document of court-music in the early years of the king’s reign and only occasionally recalls the styles of earlier times.

For this volume, John Stevens has extracted Thirty-five compositions by King Henry VIII from the popular Musica Britannica edition Music at the Court of Henry VIII. (Ref MB18)

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Adieu madame et ma maistresse
Alack, alack what shall I do
Alas, what shall I do
Consort II; Consort III; Consort IV; Consort V; Consort VIII; Consort XII; Consort XIII; Consort XIV; Consort XV; Consort XVI; Consort XXII; Consort XXIII
Departure is my chief pain
En vray amoure
Gentil price de renom
Green groweth the holly
Helas madame
If love now reigned (I)
If love now reigned (II)
It is to me a right great joy
Lusty youth should us ensue
O my heart
Pastime with good company (I)
Pastime with good company (II)
Taunder naken
The time of youth
Though some saith
Though that men do call
Whereto should I express
Whoso that will all feats
Whoso that will for grace sue
Without discord

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