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Locke, Matthew: Songs and Dialogues for Voice and Basso Continuo


Edited by Mark Levy
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Never before collected in one volume, the surviving solo songs and dialogues of this fascinating Restoration figure have been edited by Mark Levy, bass-viol virtuoso and one of Britain’s outstanding early music performers. This volume is a valuable companion to the larger works of Locke published in the Musica Britannica series, filling a serious gap for performers and scholars, as well as providing a selection of fine repertoire particularly suited to complement Purcell’s songs.


A Dialogue: Alas, alas, who has been here? (D – G) and (D – D)
A Dialogue between Apollo and Neptune (D – F) and (G – D)
A Dialogue between Thirsis and Dorinda (E – G) and (C – E)
Bone Jesu Verbum Patris (C – F sharp)
Lucinda, wink or veil those eyes (E – F)
The Despondent Lover’s Song (D sharp – G)
The Passing Bell (D – F) with chorus: sop. (F sharp – F nat); bass (G – D)
Then from a whirlwind oracle (D – E)
To a Lady singing to herself by the Thames-side (E – A)
Urania to Parthenissa: A Dream (E – G)
Wrong not your lovely eyes! (E – F)

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