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The Junior Recitalist Book 4. Baritone/Bass


Compiled by Noelle Barker

ATTWOOD, Thomas: Go, lovely rose (C – F)
CAMPION, Thomas: It fell on a summer’s day (F sharp – E)
ECCLES, John: Find me a lonely cave (B flat – F)
HATTON, John Liptrot: To Anthea, who may command him anything (D sharp – E)
HILTON, John: Hang golden sleep upon her eyelids fair (D – D)
PIERSON, Henry Hugo: Dirge: Fear no more the heat of the sun (G – D)
PURCELL, Henry: Ah! How sweet it is to love (E – F);
The fatal hour comes on apace (C sharp – F)
STANFORD, Charles Villiers: The Sailor man (B flat – E flat)
THIMAN, Eric: Now sleeps the crimson petal (C – E flat)
WARLOCK, Peter: Elore lo (C – F)

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