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The Junior Recitalist Book 2. Mezzo-soprano/Contralto


Compiled by Noelle Barker

Ref: D82 ISMN: 9790220209819 Categories: , ,

BUSH, Geoffrey: The end of love (C – F)
DOWLAND, John: Come away, come sweet love (F sharp – F)
HATTON, John Liptrot: The Hag (A – F)
HOLST, Gustav: Betelgeuse (B – F)
IRELAND, John: My true love hath my heart (D – F sharp)
PARRY, Hubert: Dirge in the woods (B – E)
PINTO, George Frederick: Invocation to nature (D – F)
PURCELL, Henry: Dear pretty youth (D – E);
Sweeter than roses (B – E)
SULLIVAN, Arthur: The Willow Song (B – E)
THIMAN, Eric: I wandered lonely as a cloud (C – F)
WEBB, William: As life what is so sweet (C – E)
WELDON, John: The wakeful nightingale (D – F)

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