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The Junior Recitalist Book 1. Soprano


Compiled by Noelle Barker


ARNE, Thomas: Sleep Gentle cherub (E – A)
BALES, Alfonso: Chloris sigh’d (G – G)
BLOW, John: Philander, do not think of arms (E – A)
BUSH, Geoffrey: Love for such a cherry lip (C sharp – G flat)
HOLST, Gustav: Persephone (D -G flat)
MORLEY, Thomas: Thyrsis and Milla (G – G)
PARRY, Hubert: Weep you no more (E – G)
PIERSON, Henry Hugo: The white owl (C – E)
PURCELL, Henry: Hark! how all things with one sound rejoice (D – F)
STORACE, Stephen: How mistaken is the lover (D – G)
SULLIVAN, Arthur: Where the bee sucks (D – G)

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