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Hepplewhite, Russell: Dinosaurs. Download Pack. PDF


Dinosaurs (200 Million BCE)
Words by Helen Eastman

If you met a dinosaur then I expect you would be very, very scared indeed, so maybe it is a good thing that there haven’t been any around for millions and millions of years. But if you listen to the words in this song very carefully, then you might find that you change your mind!

This Download Pack contains the following resources to aid the children in learning the song:

  • Full music with piano accompaniment
  • Melody sheet
  • Lyrics sheet
  • Links to melody teaching tracks and piano accompaniment backing tracks

The purchase of this Adobe PDF file includes a licence to print enough copies for use by your choir.

Note: The file (stamped with your name and email address) will be available for immediate download and the licence will be sent via email.

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You’ve heard of triceratops, T-rex and stegosaurus,
Maybe even micropachycephalosaurus.
But no one has heard of me, the littlest dinosaur of all.
I’m just a microraptor, and I’m only one foot tall.

I’m a teeny tiny dinosaur,
With a squeak, and not much roar,
Spielberg’s got no time for me,
Cos he needs a hugeasaur.
If I hadn’t gone extinct
I’d be a super household pet,
You’d walk me on a lead to school
And take me to the vet.

We’d go out for walkies and play fetch and chasing squirrels,
I’d never scare the neighbour’s cat or widdle on a tree.
And no one needs to run away when it’s time for tea.
I only eat the grubs: insectarian, that’s me.

I’m a teeny tiny dinosaur,
With a squeak, and not much roar,
Picture books don’t picture me,
They don’t want a teenysaur.

I am nowhere on the scary scale,
Just four wings and a feather tail,
A big heart and not much more,
I’m a tiny dinosaur.

Helen Eastman
© Copyright 2021 Stainer & Bell Ltd

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