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Hepplewhite, Russell: The Vikings. Download Pack. PDF


The Vikings (793)
Words by Helen Eastman

This is not a completely bad news story. The Vikings’ most important gods were the gods of war and death, and maybe this was why they could often be very violent and why they came to invade Britain from their homes in Scandinavia. But they were also fantastic sailors and explorers, and they even discovered North America waaaay before the person who is usually given the credit, Christopher Columbus.

This Download Pack contains the following resources to aid the children in learning the song:

  • Full music with piano accompaniment
  • Melody sheet
  • Lyrics sheet
  • Links to melody teaching tracks and piano accompaniment backing tracks

The purchase of this Adobe PDF file includes a licence to print enough copies for use by your choir.

Note: The file (stamped with your name and email address) will be available for immediate download and the licence will be sent via email.

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See the longboat on the horizon,
Take me home.
To my land of snow and ice, please
Take me home.
To the fjords and chilling breeze,
Bright blue sky and dark green trees,
Across the ocean, ’cross the seas,
Take me home.

Came to plunder, came to pillage,
Take me home.
Here to ravage every village,
Take me home.
To a far-off gleaming shore,
Hear me, Odin, hear me, Thor,
This Viking cannot take much more,
Take me home.

When Valkyrie say my name
Will I be home?
When I arrive at Valhalla
Is that home?

We conquered far and we conquered wide,
We conquered time and we conquered tide,
But my heart still beats inside
For my home.

Singing nightly by the fire,
Take me home.
I no longer want to roam,
Take me home.
I’d give all my stolen wealth
For safe passage and good health,
For my family, for myself,
Take me home.

Helen Eastman
© Copyright 2021 Stainer & Bell Ltd

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